I believe that students have a deep capacity to answer questions by themselves. This relies on students having a solid foundation of basic information, but also reasoning skills, which encompass intuition, creativity, curiosity and confidence. My goal is to empower students to believe that they can find their own answers.

To facilitate this, my students engage with material directly — they learn to read primary literature, discuss and ‘unpack’ articles in a seminar setting, distill work and edit Wikipedia, learn to answer questions in a ‘back of the envelope’ manner, do experiments (CURE — Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience), ask their own questions (‘How does that system work?’), and ultimately find their own answers.


  • The Surface of the Earth (Undergraduate Geomorphology), Duke University, Spring 2015, 2016, 2017
  • Geomorphology (Undergraduate), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Fall 2016
  • Coastal Processes (Co-taught Field Class), Duke University, Spring 2011

Teaching Assistant (>20 classes in total):

  • Coastal Processes, Geomorphology, Natural Disasters, Climate Change, Data Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Energy and Ecology, Introduction to Geology, Field Camp, Mineralogy, Petrology, Volcanology.