ebgoldst (at) uncg (dot) edu

Current Position
Research Scientist, Department of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability
The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 1/2019- .

Ph.D., Earth and Ocean Science, Duke University, 2014
B.A., Geology, Colgate University, 2004

Honors and Awards
NASEM Gulf Research Program Early-Career Research Fellowship, 2019
Editor’s Citation for Excellence in Refereeing during 2018 for JGR-Earth Surface, 2019
Top 5% of evaluations in undergraduate instruction, Trinity College of Arts & Sciences, Duke University, Spring 2017
Postdoctoral Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduates, UNC, 2015
Estwing Award, Duke University, 2014
Best Oral Presentation Award (Student), RCEM, 2013
Norma Vergo Prize in Geology, Colgate University, 2004

Publications (Google Scholar Impactstory — online mentions)

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Published Data (more Data available on Code+Data)

  1. Mohanty SD, B Biggers,  S Sayedahmed, N Pourebrahim, EB Goldstein, R Bunch, G Chi, F Sadri, T McCoy, A Cosby, (2020). Geolocated Tweets from Florida, USA during Hurricane Irma (2017) with Relevance Scores. to be released on figshare.
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Published Code (more Code available on Code+Data and GitHub)

  1. Moretz, M., Foster, D.,Weber, J., Chowdury, R., Rafique, SN., Goldstein, EB, Mohanty, S., (2020). psi-collect: A Python module for post-storm image collection and cataloging (Version v1.0.4r2). Zenodo.
  2. Beuzen T & Goldstein EB. (2019). BeuzenEtAl_GP_Paper: First release of repo (Version 0.1). Zenodo.
  3. Narock T & Goldstein EB. (2019). COS Preprint Analysis Code, (Version 2.1). Zenodo.