Code (on GitHub):

  • HybridSBM: Goldstein et al., 2014 Hybrid Sorted Bedform Model (Matlab)
  • 1dune: Goldstein and Moore, 2016 1D model of coastal foredune height (Matlab)
  • CDML: Goldstein et al. 2017 version of the Coastal Dune Model with Lateral Vegetation Growth (C++)
  • A Genetic Algorithm tuning routine for CDML.
  • various other bits and bobs (Matlab, Julia, R, Python, Arduino, C++, etc..)

Kite-based Structure-from-Motion data (on figshare):
(Digital Surface Models, Orthophotos, GCP coordinates, and raw images)

Description of physical analog model and experimental results:

Open Hardware Project:

  • Open OBS:  an Open hardware Optical Backscatter Sensor

Data compilations from existing literature:

Other useful programs (not mine):

  • Duran and Moore, 2013 PNAS model: (CSDMS page, GitHub)
  • Nick Cohn‘s Matlab scripts for writing Coastal Dune Model parameter files (GitHub)
  • Coco et al., 2007 Sorted Bedform model: (CSDMS page, GitHub)
  • Symbolic Regression/Genetic Programming is performed with Eureqa