Some context for future posts: Journal Impact Factor for Geomorphology journals

For the next few posts I will be digging into the citation data for JGR-ES. I want to look at how the papers from JGR-ES accumulates citations — from which journals, over what time frame, when citations peaks occur, etc.

My motivation is to look at how actual papers accrue citations relative to the 2 and 5 year windows over which the ‘Journal Impact Factor’ (JIF) is calculated. Therefore I want to show the history of ‘normal’ (2 year) and 5 year JIF for JGR-ES and the other three geomorphology journals that I have focused on previously.  All data was downloaded from the Journal Citation Report.

From the plots below, my general take away is that these journals are all very similar to each other, mirroring their similarity in citation distribution — see the 2014, 2015 and 2016 distributions.


5yr JIF.jpg

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