Open Access charges for journals that publish geomorphology research

Here I compiled the Open Access charges for journals that publish geomorphology research (i.e., Gold Open Access; Author Pays). I’m sure some are missing — let me know which publications I should add to this list.

Keep in mind that some journals have page charges even if the articles are not Open Access, some journals provide open access after a given time period, and other journals ONLY publish Open Access. Your institution may also have an agreement with a publisher about paying the fee (i.e., they will pay for you)…

I hope to periodically update this list.. The data below was collected on March 26th 2017.

Journal Cost (various currencies)
Earth and Space Science (AGU + Wiley) $1800
Earth’s Future (AGU + Wiley) $1800
GRL (AGU + Wiley) $2500
Water Resources Research (AGU+ Wiley) $3500
JGR – Earth Surface (AGU+ Wiley) $3500
Reviews of Geophysics (AGU + Wiley) $3500
ESurf (EGU + Copernicus) €50-120/ journal page
GSA Journals $2500
Geomorphology (Elsevier) $3300
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (BSG+ Wiley) $4200
Progress in Physical Geography (Sage) $3000
Marine Geology (Elsevier) $3300
PLoS ONE $1495
Scientific Reports (Nature) $1675
PNAS $1100- 1450
Nature Communications (Nature) $5200
Zeitschrift für Geomorphologie (Schweizerbart) €140 per article + €119 per published page

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