Our tiny debris flow flume

Last semester I taught an undergraduate level geomorphology class at UNC-Chapel Hill. It was a blast. In addition to reading lots of primary literature, and editing wikipedia, we conducted a class experiment. I built a small debris flow flume based on de Haas et al. (2015) and we did a few experiments. A description of the flume can be seen here on the Sediment Experimentalist Network site, and a slo-mo video of our debris flow can be seen here.

But what did we do with the flume? After watching the USGS debris flow videos and thinking about articles by John McPhee (one and two), the students decided to focus on how ‘baffles’ (obstructions in the outwash plain) can work as a debris flow mititgation strategy and modify debris flow runout (see an example of this type of research by Choi et al., 2014). The UNC students wrote up some preliminary results, and if you want more details (or the data), let me know… Eventually I will get it all up on figshare.

For now, here is a picture of our baby debris flow:




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