Twitter mentions of GRL papers

Last week I had a guest post on the AGU Blog ‘The Plainspoken Scientist’ regarding the percent of Geophysical Research Letters (GRL) papers that are mentioned somewhere on the web. Today I want to dig further into the data regarding Twitter mentions — Specifically, how many Twitter mentions does a typical article in GRL receive?

To recap, almost every recent GRL paper has atleast one Twitter mention. Here is the percentage of GRL papers published in a given year with atleast one mention:


In addition to more GRL articles being mentioned on Twitter, the total of all Twitter mentions to GRL articles published in a given year is increasing:

mentions per year.jpg

Parsing this data further, here are (yearly) histograms for the percent of articles from GRL with a given number of Twitter mentions:Histograms.jpg

Three observations:

  • ~ 40% of recent papers receive only a single twitter mention (perhaps from bots?).
  • The tail is long — a handful of papers are well of the chart, with several hundred twitter mentions.
  • The tail seems to grow fatter each year.

Crossing this data with the number of GRL papers published per year, here is the median number Twitter mentions per paper in a given year:

median mentions.jpg

(Keep in mind that this data comes from all time periods — for example, tweets referencing a paper from 2013 can come from any year.)


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