Uncited Geomorphology research

Last year I read a blog post about uncitedness and I wondered how many geomorphology papers never get cited. Using Web of Science data from the four geomorphology journals I have focused on in the past, below you will see the % of uncited papers in each journal per year and the total number of uncited papers in each journal:



  • Geomorphology papers published in these journals tend to be cited. However, it may take 2-3 years for papers to garner a citation.
  • From 1975-2010, only 52 out of 5,474 papers are uncited from these 4 journals. This is ~1% of all articles.
  • This data is all from the Web of Science, which tends to have lower citation counts compared to Google Scholar. Therefore some uncited articles might actually be cited (using a different set of sources).
  • The data shown here is not perfectly compatible with other data presetned in the blog post, or other papers (for instance, Larivière et al., 2009) because I am not looking at a specific window of time after a papers publication. In one sense, this is sloppy on my part beacuse older papers have a longer window to accrue a single citation. In another sense, I just wanted to know the number and percent of uncited papers in the geomorphology literature.

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