Open Structure-from-Motion Data (pt.2)

I wrote a post last summer about kite-based structure-from-motion data released on figshare in collaboration with a few colleagues (a fun side project). At the time, I couldn’t find a more specific repository for the raw images, GPS data, orthophotomosaic, and digital surface model. During AGU 2016 I stopped by the OpenTopography booth and apparently I can contribute my topographic data to the OpenTopography repository. A good way to make sure that small bespoke structure-from-motion datasets are stored in a place where people might find the data (i.e., find the SfM data when scanning through other relevant lidar data). My continued hope is that others may find these datasets useful, even if it seems that most data in repositories remains uncited (see here and here)

I originally published the data with the hopes of citing it in my own coastal dune research — and  I did manage use and cite this data on my AGU 2016 poster. This idea of citing a published dataset in a paper seems to be part of the ‘Geoscience Paper of the Future‘ concept (Gil et al., 2016David et al., 2016) where datasets, code, models, data analysis, etc. are all published seperately (i.e., given a DOI) and cited in the final manuscript. Among other benefits, these open science methods aid reproduceability and reuse by other researchers.


Photo credit: Mary Lide Parker / UNC Research

p.s.— check out Mary Lide’s work, it’s awesome.



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