Historic data on the Coastal Geomorphology session at the AGU fall meeting

The AGU fall meeting has a recurring ‘Coastal Geomorphology and Morphodynamics’ session. I helped run the session in 2015, and I asked a few long-time contributors if they remember when it began, but I got no definitive answer. Recently I downloaded the data on poster and talk presentations from the AGU Abstract Browser.

The first record of the ‘Coastal Geomorphology and Morphodynamics’ session that I could find was in 2004 (in the Ocean Science section). I could find no record of the session in 2005, and from 2006-2007 it was listed in the ‘Hydrology’ section. In 2008 the session was back to the Ocean Science section, and finally in 2009 it moved to the (newly-formed) Earth and Planetary Science section, where it has remained ever since.

Here is a time series of presentation numbers (talks, posters, and combined):

AGU coastal.jpg

  • For the 2016 Fall Meeting I only have the total Submission count (which is 106!!). I’ll update the plot when the final 2016 schedule is posted, with talks and poster numbers. Sept. 15 2016: The plot is now updated to reflect the 32 talks and 74 posters scheduled for 2016. April. 30 2018: The plot is now updated through the Fall 2017 meeting (30 talks, 35 posters).
  • There are usually 16 talks (2 session with 8 talks per session), with occasionally more (e.g., 4 session or 32 talks in 2016) or less (e.g., only 2 sessions or 14 talks in 2015; though 16 were planned in 2015, we had two late-stage withdrawals).
  • Posters seem to drive most of variability in the total presentation numbers, varying from 21 (2004,2007) to 74 (2016)
  • There seems to be a 2-year cycle in the data (at least from 2006-2011) because of the AGU Ocean Sciences meeting. For some reason the 2013 AGU fall meeting did not seem to be impacted by the Ocean Sciences meeting in early 2014, which was in Honolulu, HI. Perhaps Hawaii was just too far and too costly? I know that the numbers at the 2015 Fall meeting were definitely reduced because of the upcoming Ocean Sciences meeting (Feb., 2016; in New Orleans) — there were two really good coastal geomorphology sessions at that meeting… (Edit: this trend seems to be continuing)
  • Coastal Sediments is every 4 years (2015, 2011, 2007, etc.), which might influence participation…


Here is the session and presentation data from the entire EPSP section.


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