Open Structure-from-Motion Data

I am on the cusp of releasing a third structure-from-motion dataset on figshare (I’m uploading the final bits). For each of these datasets, coworkers and I have released the raw images (taken from a hacked canon camera (CHDK) suspended from a kite), XYZ positions of ground control points, a cm-scale digital surface model, a mm-scale orthophotograph, and a ‘report’ on the error and processing parameters Agisoft Photoscan so others could recreate the analysis.

With various coauthors I have ~ 8 more datasets to release from Hog Island, VA, USA at some later data (this work was done in conjunction with a project at the VCR-LTER).

In all of these ‘kite maps’ the observed area is very small compared to traditional remote sensing products (the kite maps are 0.025 km^2) — the maps are focused on what I am interested in: coastal dune systems. My hope is that other might find the data useful as a supplement to the available lidar data and aerial photography.

I bet there is more of this ‘dark’ topographic data lying around on hard drives at universities around the world….


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